Johnson County is home to a beautiful vineyard and two wineries.  Villa Nove Vineyard is known for growing high quality wine grapes, and Watauga Lake Winery is known for their award winning wines.  We are proud that our county has been recognized as part of an American Viticultural Area, which is a designated wine grape growing region in the United States, distinguishable by geographic features.  These geographic features provide a positive environment for growing excellent wine grapes. Our county is fortunate to be part of this designated area, since it should have a positive impact on the growth of the wine industry in our area of Northeast Tennessee.

The Watauga Lake Winery is located in an historic school building. Here you can enjoy tours of the winery facilities and participate in wine tastings.  For a touch of Tuscany, you can also dine at the vineyard while enjoying panoramic views of the area. They also have an active calendar of events.