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Public Notice advertisements for formal bids and proposals are placed within The Tomahawk newspaper of Mountain City, TN & posted on the Government Notice Board within the Johnson County, TN Courthouse at minimum 2-weeks prior to the scheduled response deadline.


Any protest concerning the award of any bid or proposal shall be addressed to the Johnson County, TN Purchasing Agent. Protest shall be made in writing to the Purchasing Agent and shall be filed within five (5) days after the intended award is announced. A protest is considered filed when received by the Purchasing Agent and written confirmation is given back to the protester. The written protest shall include the name and address of the protester, identification of the procurement, a statement of the specific reasons for the protest and supporting exhibits. The submitted information will be reviewed with the appropriate Department Head and County Attorney to render a final decision and a formal response provided within five days. This decision relative to the protest shall be considered final.

Johnson County Purchasing Department

Dustin Shearin, Purchasing Agent

211 North Church Street
Mountain City, TN 37683
Phone: 423-727-7861
Fax: 423-727-7418