Johnson County Election Commission

Cheri Lipford, Certified Administrator of Election

(423) 727-8592


The Johnson County Election Commission has the statutory responsibilities of registering voters and conducting elections.

Johnson County Clerk

Tammie Fenner, County Clerk

(423) 727-9633


The county clerk has numerous duties, including acting as clerk of the county legislative body, issuing motor vehicle titles and registrations, collecting privilege taxes, and overseeing the issuance of beer permits & marriage licenses.

Johnson County Clerk & Master

Sherrie Fenner, Clerk & Master

(423) 727-7853

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Johnson County Register of Deeds

Freida Gwinn, Register of Deeds

(423) 727-7841


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The primary function of the register is to make and preserve a record of instruments required or allowed by law to be filed or recorded, including but not limited to deeds, powers of attorney, deeds of trust, mortgages, liens, contracts, plats, leases, judgments, wills, court orders, military discharges, records under the Uniform Commercial Code (primarily fixture filings), and other types of documents. T.C.A. § 66-24-101. The records provide public notice of property ownership, liens, contracts, and other transactions that affect the public interest. The register’s office is in the county seat, and the records and papers must remain in the office at all times. T.C.A. §§ 8-13-106, 8-13-107.

Johnson County Accounts & Budgets

Russell Robinson, Director of Accounts & Budgets

(423) 727-7977

The Director of Accounts and Budgets, is responsible for making sure the county books are kept in compliance with all state and local rules and regulations and in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The Director of Accounts & Budgets and his staff work closely with the County Mayor in developing financial information for the various county departments, the Budget Committee, and the County Commission regarding all areas of finance. This office pays a key role in making sure the County is and stays in a stable financial position.

Johnson County Property Assessor

Matthew Lewis, Assessor

(423) 727-7692

The assessor’s duties include two basic functions: appraisal and assessment of taxable real and personal property in the county that is not appraised by the state.

Johnson County Trustee

Lisa Crowder, Trustee

(423) 727-9062


The county trustee has three major functions among other duties: (1) collecting the county’s property taxes; (2) accounting for and disbursing county funds (including proper apportionment and determination of fund availability); and (3) investing temporarily idle county funds.

Johnson County Circuit Court Clerk

Melissa Hollaway, Court Clerk

(423) 727-9012

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Some of the clerks’ duties include the following: Attending each court session with all the papers for the cases on the docket; Administering oaths to parties and witnesses who testify; Keeping minutes of the court in a well-bound book or in an electronic format so long as certain rules relating to the safekeeping of the records are followed; Maintaining the rule docket and an execution docket in which all court judgments or decrees are entered in order of rendition and all receipts and disbursements in a case are entered; & Maintaining indexes for all books and dockets that are kept by the office.

Johnson County General Sessions Judge

Honorable William Perry L. Stout

(423) 727-9486

Johnson County Youth Services Officer

Cameron Stanberry, YSO

(423) 727-9486

Johnson County Safe Baby Court

Leah Charland, Community Coordinator

(423) 460-4491

Safe Baby Court is a specialized court program that was established for infants and toddlers (birth through 3 years of age).  The program strives to find new ways for families to connect with community service providers and provide a strong foundation for infant mental health. The goal is to reduce maltreatment and traumatic experience during significant brain development of infants and toddlers, while increasing family accountability in conjunction with community program interaction to achieve permanency. Children served are either at risk of entering foster care or currently in care.

Johnson County Veteran’s Affairs

Ralph Hutto & Karen Manuel

(423) 727-7929

The Johnson County Veterans Service Office is available to assist and answer any questions you may have with your veteran benefit claims. They also provide assistance with insurance issues and supplemental policy information, as well as information for low-income veterans, their families and neighbors.

Johnson County Litter Control

Sandy Hammons, Litter Control Officer

Recycling Center Address:

Election Avenue

Mountain City, TN 37683

(423) 501-1005

Johnson County Solid Waste

378 Industrial Park Rd

Mountain City, TN 37683

(423) 727-6921

Johnson County Highway Department

196 Pleasant Valley Rd

Mountain City, TN 37683

(423) 727-7851