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  • Courthouse | Johnson County Government | Mountain City

    Johnson County Courthouse Photo credit: Dennis Shekinah Fall in Mountain City The Snake - Shady Valley Johnson County Courthouse Photo credit: Dennis Shekinah 1/7 Subscribe for Updates Subscribe Now Thanks for submitting! STAY CONNECTED TODAY! BE IN THE KNOW Welcome to Johnson County TN Today, Tomorrow or a Lifetime! COURTHOUSE HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm ​ County Clerks Office Only Saturdays 8:30am-11:45am Johnson County TN Government Public Notices ​ Public Records Committee Wednesday, December 7 at 11:00am ​ Planning Commission Meeting (T) Monday, December 12 at 6:00pm ​ Budget Committee Meeting Thursday, December 15 at 6:00pm ​ County Commission Meeting Thursday, December 15 at 7:00pm UPCOMING EVENTS December 2 @ 5:00-8:00pm Christmas on Main Christmas Tree Lighting at 6:00pm Mountain City, TN December 3 @ 1:00pm Festival of Trees Kick-off with Santa Johnson County Welcome Center December 3 @ 2:00-4:00pm Christmas Cookie Walk Johnson County Welcome Center Downstairs Activity Room December 3 @ 5:30pm 2022 Christmas Parade Downtown Mountain City calendar of events Christmas on Main Festival of Trees Johnson County Christmas Parade Christmas on Main 1/4 Follow Johnson County Government Featured COMMUNITY POST

  • Administrative Offices | Johnson County Tennessee

    Johnson County Administrative Offices Russell Robinson, Director ACCOUNTS & BUDGETS 423-727-7977 The Director of Accounts and Budgets, is responsible for making sure the county books are kept in compliance with all state and local rules and regulations and in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The Director of Accounts & Budgets and his staff work closely with the County Mayor in developing financial information for the various county departments, the Budget Committee, and the County Commission regarding all areas of finance. This office plays a key role in making sure the County is and stays in a stable financial position. Melissa Hollaway CIRCUT COURT CLERK 423-727-9012 ​ Some of the clerks’ duties include the following: Attending each court session with all the papers for the cases on the docket; Administering oaths to parties and witnesses who testify; Keeping minutes of the court in a well-bound book or in an electronic format so long as certain rules relating to the safekeeping of the records are followed; Maintaining the rule docket and an execution docket in which all court judgments or decrees are entered in order of rendition and all receipts and disbursements in a case are entered; & Maintaining indexes for all books and dockets that are kept by the office. Tammie Fenner JOHNSON COUNTY CLERK 423-727-9633 Website The county clerk has numerous duties, including acting as clerk of the county legislative body, issuing motor vehicle titles and registrations, collecting privilege taxes, and overseeing the issuance of beer permits & marriage licenses. Sherrie Fenner CLERK & MASTER 423-727-7853 423-727-7012 (fax) Website Read Bio Here Cheri Lipford, Certified Administrator of Elections ELECTION COMMISSION 423-727-8592 Website ​ The Johnson County Election Commission has the statutory responsibilities of registering voters and conducting elections. Perry L. Stout GENERAL SESSIONS/JUVENILE JUDGE 423-727-9486 ​ The criminal wing of the Sessions Court handles all criminal cases charged in the county. It can render disposition on misdemeanors and probable cause hearings on felonies. The civil wing of the Sessions Court handles all damages cases up to $25,000, all detainer summonses, and orders of protection. The Juvenile wing has exclusive jurisdiction of dependent neglect children, truant children, and unruly children. It also legitimates children and collects child support on behalf of the children under its jurisdiction. Jeff Wagner HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT 196 Pleasant Valley Road | Mountain City, TN 37683 423-727-7851 ​ Sandy Hammons, Litter Control Officer LITTER CONTROL Recycling Center Address: Election Avenue | Mountain City, TN 37683 423-501-1005 ​ Matthew Lewis, Assessor PROPERTY ASSESSOR 423-727-7692 ​ The assessor’s duties include two basic functions: appraisal and assessment of taxable real and personal property in the county that is not appraised by the state. Freida May Gwinn, Register of Deeds REGISTER OF DEEDS 423-727-7841 Website ​ Sign up here for Johnson County Register of Deeds Recording Fraud Alert Notifications ​ The primary function of the register is to make and preserve a record of instruments required or allowed by law to be filed or recorded, including but not limited to deeds, powers of attorney, deeds of trust, mortgages, liens, contracts, plats, leases, judgments, wills, court orders, military discharges, records under the Uniform Commercial Code (primarily fixture filings),and other types of documents. T.C.A. § 66-24-101. The records provide public notice of property ownership, liens, contracts, and other transactions that affect the public interest. The register’s office is in the county seat, and the records and papers must remain in the office at all times. T.C.A. §§ 8-13-106, 8-13-107. Leah Charland, Community Coordinator SAFE BABY COURT 423-460-4491 ​ Safe Baby Court is a specialized court program that was established for infants and toddlers (birth through 3 years of age). The program strives to find new ways for families to connect with community service providers and provide a strong foundation for infant mental health. The goal is to reduce maltreatment and traumatic experience during significant brain development of infants and toddlers, while increasing family accountability in conjunction with community program interaction to achieve permanency. Children served are either at risk of entering foster care or currently in care. Mayor Larry Potter SOLID WASTE 423-727-6921 378 Industrial Park Road | Mountain City, TN 37683 ​ Lisa J. Crowder TRUSTEE 423-727-9062 Johnson County Courthouse | 222 W Main Street | Mountain City, TN Website ​ The county trustee has three major functions among other duties: (1) collecting the county’s property taxes; (2) accounting for and disbursing county funds (including proper apportionment and determination of fund availability); and (3) investing temporarily idle county funds. Ralph Hutto & Karen Manuel VETERAN'S AFFAIRS & SAFETY 423-727-7929 ​ The Johnson County Veterans Service Office is available to assist and answer any questions you may have with your veteran benefit claims. They also provide assistance with insurance issues and supplemental policy information, as well as information for low-income veterans, their families and neighbors. Cameron Stanberry YOUTH SERVICES OFFICER 423-727-9486 ​ The Youth Services Officer of the County meets with unruly and delinquent juveniles and their families to counsel the youth, make appropriate referrals to public as well as private agencies, and to provide information for us by the court. ​ ​ Ryan Carroll JOHNSON COUNTY ATTORNEY 423-727-9671 ​ ​

  • Calendar of Events | Johnson County Tennessee

    click on image to enlarge view Christmas on Main & Tree Lighting 2022 Christmas Parade Festival of Trees & Cookie Walk Kick-off Celebration 12/3 Cookie Walk 12/3 Festival of Trees 12/3-12/22 The Welcome Center Kody Norris Christmas Show December 19, 2022 Doors open at 6:30pm | Show 7:00pm First Christian Church Life Center - Mountain City Christmas on Main & Tree Lighting 2022 Christmas Parade 1/4 Johnson County Calendar of Events event submission guidelines submit your event for free

  • COUNTY SERVICES | Johnson County Tennessee

    Johnson County Services Dedication. Expertise. Passion. A major focus of our county government is to work to improve the quality of life for our residents. One way we are achieving this is by continuing to expand county services to meet the needs of our growing population. We are also working on improving our infrastructure to encourage and support private sector investment leading to more private businesses offering additional services to our residents. This section of our website presents some of our county departments offering public services and some important services offered by non-county affiliated entities. ​ Click on the links below for details and contact information. ADMINISTRATIVE & COURT OFFICES AIRPORT COUNTY/CITY COMMUNITY CENTER COUNTY MAYOR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT HEALTH DEPARTMENT LIBRARY PURCHASING DEPARTMENT SENIOR CENTER VOLUNTEER FIRE ​ WELCOME CENTER NON-AFFILIATED COUNTY ENTITY: Johnson County Community Hospital 1901 South Shady St. Mountain City, TN 37683 Phone: 423-727-1100 Dial 911 for true emergencies. website

  • Our County Officials | Johnson County Tennessee

    At a Glance Phone Directory Title Search Website Click Here to Sign Up for Johnson County Register of Deeds Recording Fraud Alert Notifications ​ Johnson County TN Election Commission ​ Johnson County TN Chamber of Commerce ​ Doe Mountain Recreation Area ​ Johnson County Officials County Mayor Larry Potter 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9696 Sheriff Edward “Eddie” Tester 216 Honeysuckle St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7761 Administrator of Elections Cheri Lipford PO Box 106 Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-8592 Assessor of Property Mathew Lewis 210 College St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7692 Circuit and General Sessions Courts Clerk Melissa Holloway PO Box 73 Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9012 Clerk and Master Sherrie Fenner PO Box 196 Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7853 County Attorney Ryan Carroll 222 West Main St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9671 County Clerk Tammie Fenner 222 West Main St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9633 Director of Accounts and Budgets Russell Robinson 211 North Church St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7977 General Sessions / Juvenile Court Judge The Honorable Perry L. Stout 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9486 Johnson County Purchasing Agent Dustin Shearin 211 North Church St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7861 Register of Deeds Freida May Gwinn 222 West Main St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7841 Road Superintendent Jeff Wagner 196 Pleasant Valley Road Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7851 Trustee Lisa Crowder PO Box 22 Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9062 Quick Links Johnson County TN Election Commission Voter Information Election Results

  • COUNTY GOVERNMENT | Johnson County Tennessee

    Hello We are historic Johnson County, located in northeast Tennessee. Our county seat is in Mountain City, where most of our operations and services are situated. We are a designated Three Star Community and strive for excellence in community development. Our history and Appalachian culture is rooted in rural America farming which was followed by mills, timber and mining. ​ We are mountain and lake country with beautiful natural resources that we have protected for the benefit of our residents and those who visit our area. These natural resources have helped our county to become a family vacation destination and a desirable place to live, so we are experiencing growth in our tourism, business and real estate sectors. There are tremendous opportunities to grow and develop your business here in Johnson County, while enjoying a good quality of life. Fair Housing In Johnson County Johnson County has placed a poster at the Johnson County Public Library in Mountain City for public viewing during regular business hours. The information provided by the Fair Housing poster is to ensure citizens are treated fairly in all housing matters, including buying or renting, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or family size. The County does not discriminate and the location of the poster is accessible for persons with a disability. Johnson County Properties There are currently no county properties available for lease. Johnson County Organized Camps (aka Campgrounds) Regulations The Tennessee Division of Environmental Health is responsible for the inspection of organized camps. For more details, please go to Johnson County Subdivision Regulations As amended through October 18, 2012. Download PDF version here . Johnson County Map The only incorporated municipality is Mountain City which also serves as the county seat.

  • Mayor & County Commission | Johnson County Tennessee

    Johnson County TN Commission Photo credit: Dennis Shekinah Johnson County is one of 92 county governments in Tennessee along with three other counties with a consolidated form of government where the county and city government have combined. County Governments are a creation of the State of Tennessee. The structure of county government is established in the State Constitution, providing a basic framework for governance. Counties are usually governed by an elected body, called the County Commission. A County Mayor and 15 County Commissioners govern Johnson County. Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter Johnson County Courthouse 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 1 Eugene Campbell 755 Sugar Creek Rd. Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680 (423) 727-8054 Commissioner District 4 Tommy Poore 1085 R.D. Campbell Rd. Butler, TN 37640 (423) 768-3639 Commission Chair Freddy Phipps District 3 268 Paul McGlammery Ln. Trade, TN 37691 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 1 Bill Adams 1491 Berry Branch Rd. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-7369 Commissioner District 4 Tracy Greer 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commission Vice-Chair Robert G. “Jerry” Grindstaff District 3 1345 Stout Branch Rd. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-4415 Commissioner District 2 Lester Ray Dunn 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 5 Jerry Gentry 1848 Harbin Hill Rd. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 5 Megan McEwen 816 Timothy Branch Rd. Butler, TN 37640 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 6 Huey L. Long 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 7 Gina Meade 158 Walnut St. Mountain City, TN 37683 (423) 727-5615 Commissioner District 1 Brian Taylor 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423)727-9696 Commissioner District 3 Cody Isaac Osborne 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696 Commissioner District 5 Jimmy Lowe 9560 Hwy 67 W Butler, TN 37640 (423) 727-5081 Commissioner District 7 Kody Norris 222 West Main Street Mountain City, TN. 37683 (423) 727-9696

  • Newcomer Information | Johnson County Tennessee

    Newcomer Information Welcome to your new home in beautiful Johnson County, Tennessee! The following directory should provide the basic information you need to help you get settled but if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 423-727-9696 for assistance! UTILITIES Electricity: Mountain City Electric . . . phone | 423-727-1800 Carderview Utility District - Butler . . . phone |423-768-2527 ​ Propane Gas : Amerigas . . . phone | 423-246-6158 Freeman Gas . . . phone | 423-727-2597 Marsh LP Gas . . . phone | 423-727-0005 Water/Sewage . . . phone | 423-727-8005 ​ Septic Systems : Johnson City Environmental Field Office ... 423-854-5400 Cable / Streaming Television: DirectTV DISH Spectrum ​ Internet Providers: Skyline Skybest Spectrum Viasat HughesNet CenturyLink ​ Telephone / Cell Providers: AT&T Spectrum CenturyLink Verizon ​ SCHOOLS Johnson County Board of Education . . . phone | 423-727-2640 ​ VEHICLE LICENSES & REGISTRATIONS Johnson County Clerk . . . phone | 423-727-9633 Johnson County Courthouse - First Floor ​ VOTER INFORMATION Johnson County Board of Elections . . . phone | 423-727-8592 ​ PUBLIC LIBRARY Johnson County Public Library . . . phone | 423-727-6544 ​ HOSPITAL / MEDICAL CARE Johnson County Health Department . . . phone | 423-727-9731 Ballad Health - Mountain City . . . phone | 423-727-6674 ​ FUNERAL HOMES Hux & Lipford Funeral Home . . . phone | 423-727-9221 Mountain City Funeral Home . . . phone | 423-727-9700 ​ SENIOR CARE & PROGRAMS Johnson County Senior Center . . . phone | 423-727-8883 ​ VETERANS AFFAIRS Johnson County Veterans Affairs & Safety . . . phone | 423-727-7929 ​ UNITED POSTAL SERVICES LOCATIONS 211 Piercetown Rd - Butler 216 College Street - Mountain City 136 Highway 133 - Shady Valley 164 Highway 67N - Trade ​ Mountain City is the largest town in the county and serves as the county seat. The county is governed by a Board of Commissioners and a county mayor. There are (8) voting districts in the county represented by 15 Commissioners. ​ The county is located within Tennessee’s 1st congressional district. ​ Mayor of Mountain City: Jerry Jordan email: phone: (423) 727-7238 Town Hall: 210 S Church Street Mountain City, TN 37683 phone: 423-727-8005 website: ​ Contact City Officials JOHNSON COUNTY CHURCHES Butler Baptist Church - Butler Little Milligan Baptist Church - Butler Dyson Grove Baptist Church - Butler Sugar Grove Baptist Church - Butler ​ Faith Gospel Church - Laurel Bloomery Stateline Baptist Church - Laurel Bloomery ​ Antioch Baptist Church - Mountain City Calvary Baptist Church - Mountain City Central Baptist Church - Mountain City Church Hammons Chapel - Mountain City Community Church of Mountain City Covenant Bible Church - Mountain City Dewey Christian Church - Mountain City First Apostolic Church of Mountain City First Baptist Church - Mountain City First Christian Church - Mountain City First Freewill Baptist Church - Mountain City First United Methodist Church - Mountain City Heavenly Light Baptist Church - Mounta in City Mountain City Baptist Church Mountain City Church of Christ Mountain City Presbyterian Church Mountain City Seventh Day Adventist Church Nelson Chapel Family Life Center - Mountain City Pine Grove Baptist Church - Mountain City Pleasant Grove Baptist Church - Mountain City Rainbow Baptist Church - Mountain City Rainbow Mennonite Church - Mountain City Roan Creek Baptist Church - Mountain City Saint Anthony Catholic Church - Mountain City Southside Freewill Baptist Church Blacklight Ministries - Mountain City Valley View United Methodist Church - Mountain City Victory Chapel - Mountain City Crandull Church of Christ - Shady Valley Harmon Chapel Christian Church - Shady Valley Shady Valley Church of Christ - Shady Valley ​ Evergreen Baptist Church - Trade ​ Are we missing a Johnson County Church? Please let us know! ​ ​ COMMUNITY SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition . . . phone | 423-727-0780 Hale Community Ministries . . . phone | 423-727-1521 Johnson County Emergency Heating Fund for Seniors . . . phone | 423-727-5726 Johnson County Humane Society . . . phone | 423-727-4665 Johnson County Lions Club . . . phone | 423-727-8817 Johnson County Safe Haven . . . phone | 423-727-0201 Johnson County Senior Center . . . phone | 423-727-8883 Little Milligan Care & Share Program . . . phone | 423-768-2681 Pregnancy Support Center of Johnson County . . . phone | 423-727-4091 Rescue D.O.G. & End of Life Sanctuary . . . phone | 423-956-2564 ​ ​ ​ Visit the Johnson County Welcome Center & Museum 716 South Shady Street | Mountain City, Tennessee 423-727-5800 | Follow them on Facebook ! Note: Information provided through our website does not imply endorsement or advertisement of any services. Information may change without notice.

  • Places to Stay | Johnson County Tenneesee

    Places to Stay No matter where you choose to stay in Johnson County, you will be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of our mountain ranges, serene views of our lakes and streams and the scents of unspoiled nature. Whether you love the convenience and hominess of a Bed & Breakfast or the rustic experience at one of our campgrounds, you will find warm hospitality across the county. If you need assistance in planning your visit, feel free to call our Welcome Center at 423-727-5800 for more information! If you have a Bed & Breakfast, Air BNB or Campground not listed, please let us know! add your location JOHNSON COUNTY ACCOMODATIONS AMERICOURT HOTEL 450 Dotson Lane Mountain City, TN 37683 423-727-7311 ​ BLUE MONTANYA - THE RESORT 810 Cove Ridge Road Butler, TN 37640 800-665-8949 email BROOKSIDE MOUNTAIN COTTAGES 579 Trout Run Road Mountain City, TN 37683 866-220-2111 email CHEROKEE FOREST MOUNTAIN CABINS 798 Grindstaff Road Butler, TN 37640 423-768-4484 ​ CREEKSIDE CHALET 138A Moreland Drive Butler, TN 37640 423-768-2446 email GENTRY CREEK INN & STABLES 1959 Gentry Creek Road Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680 423-727-7080 email DOE VALLEY FARM CABINS 313 Stage Coach Loop Mountain City, TN 37683 423-270-1009 ​ IRON MOUNTAIN INN B&B 175 Moreland Drive Butler, TN 37640 423-768-2446 email SILVER KEYS BED & BREAKFAST 6583 Highway 67 W Mountain City, TN 37683 423-727-9451 ​ STILL WATERS LODGE Watauga Lake Butler, TN 37640 919-600-8034 email SUGAR HOLLOW RETREAT 5793 Hwy 321 Butler, TN 37640 423-768-3105 email THE BLUE RIDGE COMFORT INN 2246 Lumpkin Branch Road Mountain City, TN 37683 727-222-7401 ​ add your location JOHNSON COUNTY CAMPGROUNDS BACKWOODS FARM CAMPGROUND 134 Joe Dugger Lane Butler,TN 37640 (423) 281-2394 BAYVIEW CAMPGROUND 16335 Highway 67 W Butler, TN 37640 (423) 768-0434 CORN CREEK CAMPGROUND North 2374 US-421 Mountain City, TN 37683 423-460-3135 COVE RIDGE MARINA & YACHT CLUB ​ 947 Piercetown Road Butler, TN 37640 423-768-3760 FISH TRAILS CAMPGROUND ​ 177 Robert Roark Lane Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680 423-444-1545 FORGE CREEK CAMPGROUND ​ 1677 South Shady Street Mountain City, TN 37683 423-895-3093 OLD MILL MUSIC & RV PARK 7281 Highway 91N Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680 423-791-8590 PIONEER LANDING CAMPGROUND 105 Cowan Town Road Butler, TN 37640 423-768-3164 R&D CAMPGROUND 900 Mining Town Road Mountain City, TN 37683 423-534-4785 ROAN CREEK CAMPGROUND ​ 205 Morefield Road Butler, TN 37640 423-768-0012 SINK VALLEY CAMPGROUND 6365 Sink Valley Road Butler, TN 37640 407-768-0922 SWITCHBACK CREEK CAMPGROUND ​ 570 Wallace Road Shady Valley, TN 37688 407-484-3388 TWO CREEKS CAMPGROUND ​ 1037 Forge Road Mountain City, TN 37683 423-471-1356 WELCOME CENTER CAMPGROUND 716 S Shady Street Mountain City, TN 37683 423-727-5800 add your location

  • Employee Section | Johnson County Tennessee

    JOHNSON COUNTY EMPLOYEE LINKS County Employee Email Login Page Custodial & Maintenance Request Form County Employee Handbook County Ethics Policy County Fleet Safety Policy County Cellular Telephone Policies County Purchasing Manual Event Calendar Guidelines State of TN Government Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Exemption County Travel Regulations & Reimbursement Form County Employee Reimbursement Request Form TCRS Self-Service Website State Benefits Administration Self-Service Website Open Records Request Information Form Updated Travel Regulations - 2022 Travel Expense Form - 2022 PUBLIC OPEN RECORDS POLICY FOR JOHNSON COUNTY, TN Updated 02/18/2021 Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-503(g), the following Public Records Policy for Johnson County, TN Government is hereby adopted by the Johnson County Commission to provide economical and efficient access to public records as provided under the Tennessee Public Records Act (“TPRA”) in Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-501, et seq.

  • Purchasing Department | Johnson County Tennessee

    SURPLUS PROPERTY FOR SALE ON GOVDEALS.COM County Government Surplus Items Highway Department Surplus Items Sheriff’s Department Surplus Items ​ Open RFQ A&E Services ​ County Purchasing Manual Click Here to View Open Solicitations Listing on Vendor Registry ​ Johnson County Purchasing Department Dustin Shearin, Purchasing Agent 211 North Church Street | Mountain City, TN 37683 Phone: 423-727-7861 | Fax: 423-727-7418 Email: Vendor Registration – Click Here The Johnson County Purchasing Department is maintaining a registry of vendors who have expressed an interest in doing business with the Johnson County Government. If you would like to add your business to this registry, please complete registration by clicking on the link above and follow the instructions. As needs arise for a particular product or service, the purchasing department uses this registry as one of several sources to find potential suppliers. Please note that the Johnson County Purchasing Department cannot guarantee that this registry will be utilized or that any vendor will be notified of every solicitation for quotes, bids, or proposals for which it wishes to compete. Public Notice advertisements for formal bids and proposals are placed within The Tomahawk newspaper of Mountain City, TN at minimum 2-weeks prior to the scheduled response deadline. PROTEST PROCEDURE Any protest concerning the award of any bid or proposal shall be addressed to the Johnson County, TN Purchasing Agent. Protest shall be made in writing to the Purchasing Agent and shall be filed within five (5) business days after the intended award is announced. A protest is considered filed when received by the Purchasing Agent and written confirmation is given back to the protester. The written protest shall include the name and address of the protester, identification of the procurement, a statement of the specific reasons for the protest and supporting exhibits. The submitted information will be reviewed with the appropriate Department Head and County Attorney to render a final decision and a formal response provided within five days. This decision relative to the protest shall be considered final. Member of (ETPA) East Tennessee Purchasing Association Member of (TAPP) Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing Member of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement Recipient of the 2017 ETPA Innovation of the Year Award Recipient of the 2021 TAPP Manager of the Year Award

  • Johnson County Mayor's Office | Johnson County Tennessee

    Johnson County Mayor Mr. Larry Potter Johnson County Courthouse 222 West Main Street | Mountain City, TN 37683 423-727-9696 County Mission Statement Our Mission is to set forth the means for a high quality of life, provide a safe environment for raising a family or a comfortable place for retirement. Message From the Mayor I will strive to provide an office of efficient fiscal responsibility while promoting meaningful opportunities for all stakeholders.